Home Registration
Free registration. You will be able to buy (unlimited) and sell (up to 50 items per month) banknotes on the Market. Full acess to 10 Countries (Sections) in the Catalog. You will have “MyCollection” tool (up to 50 items) and more
Monthly payment $9 or yearly payment $75. You get Membership and unrestricted full access to all the services of the Project (Catalog, Market, Network and many more)
You can get free Membership for 11 months and the ability to sell an unlimited number of itemss + $ 300 to your account. You must meet the conditions
RIGHTS User Member
Membership NO YES
Catalog Section preview YES YES
Initial information about Banknote YES YES
Detailed information about Variation NO YES
Price range of Variation YES YES
Detailed price information NO YES
Serial prefixes with prices NO YES
Security Features NO YES
Seller tools (ability to sell) Up to 50 items YES
Buyer tools (ability to buy) YES YES
MyDeals service YES YES
"My Collection" service Up to 50 items YES
Personal Messages YES YES
Tools "Wish-List" and "Await-List" YES YES
Tools “MyFriends” and “MyGuests” YES YES