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Defective 100 yuan banknote with an inverted watermark

A resident of the city of Wuhu (southeast China) was shocked to learn that the finding of note can bring millions to him. 100 yuan banknote of 1999 year (the serial number is YC09657273) has a unique defect.  It has an inverted portrait of Mao Zedong at the watermark. The owner of unique faulty note tells us that he bought the banknote when he was standing in line at the bank eight years ago. He considered a defect in the hands of an elderly man in line in front of him and offered to exchange for another 100 yuan note. He explained his desire to have fun unusual thing.


Last month the owner of a rare note posted a photo of the note to one of the specialized forums and he began to get interesting offers from collectors. Shanghai auction house offered 23 million yuan (about 3.7 million US dollars) for a rarity. The chance to meet that sort of banknote in circulation is extremely small, because all faulty notes are withdrawn during the production phase.