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Bank of Zambia for the Visually Impaired

Bank of Zambia is preparing to issue new series of banknotes with special marks for the Visually Impaired.

During a briefing for journalists after the International Trade Market in Ndola BoZ regional director Fabian Hara said, that Bank of Zambia has taken measures to meet the needs of the visually impaired people, including tactile features for all denominations of the new issue of kwacha.
He explained:

“We are constantly looking into the state of the money that is being issued in circulation, so indeed on the next round of notes, we have made some enhancements that will take care of the blind so that they accurately recognise the different banknote denominations of the Zambian kwacha. Each denomination will bear a certain number of these special lines,” Hara said. "K Two will have two lines; K Five will have three lines; K Ten will have four lines, K20 will have five lines, K50 will have six lines and K100 will have seven lines."

Bank of Zambia is going to issue updated banknotes in the last quarter, 2015.