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Burundi: new 1000 Francs 2015

The Bank of the Republic of Burundi, in a constant effort to improve the quality and service of banknotes in circulation launched September 1, 2015, a new 1000 Francs note.


As well as other notes of the new banknote family (500-, 2000-, 5000- and 10000- Francs), new 1000 Franks made using modern security features of international standards, with a unique style and architecture. The design is completely updated, reduced the size and improved anti-counterfeiting, enhanced durability of banknotes.


Printed date: 15-01-2015.

Primary colors: green, yellow.

On the obverse of the note depicts a herd of cows in the pasture.

On the reverse is placed stylized map of Burundi and the image of a banana plantation.


Security features include: demetallic security thread; three-dimensional watermark portrait of President Melchior Ndadaye; two-tone watermark BRB and pattern of numbers 1000 and located in an iridescent strip to the right; mark for the visually impaired in the form of two squares.


For a period of three months so-called "dual circulation", it will be possible to pay for purchases with either the old notes, or with the new. In this period, the public can exchange the old 1000-Francs notes against new in any bank or financial institution in the country, no commission. After this period, after 1 December 2015, former BIF 1,000 notes will lose their legal tender and exchange will no longer be at the headquarters and branches of the Bank of the Republic of Burundi for a period to be announced, at a discount of 5%.