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Gibraltar: new 100 Pounds polymere note (Joshua Hassan)

Government of Gibraltar issued new 100 Pounds polymere banknote commemorate the 100th birthday of Gibraltar’s first Chief Minister Sir Joshua Hassan. Chief Minister Fabian Picardo announced that first £100 polymer note issued with an image of Sir Joshua on the reverse of banknote, and a life size statue will be commissioned and placed in the city centre. His legacy will also be commemorated with the new affordable homes being named Hassan Centenary Terraces.


Sir Joshua served in Gibraltar politics for more than 40 years, and shortly after World War Two, became one of the founders of the Association for the Advancement of Civil Rights in Gibraltar. He continued his political advancement, becoming Mayor, then Chief Member and eventually becoming the first Chief Minister of Gibraltar. He passed away at the age of 81, but his legacy continues.


Date of release: August 21st, 2015.