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China: modified 100 Yuan 2015

The People's Bank of China announced it would issue a new 100-Yuan bank note with improved anti-counterfeiting features from November 12 on Monday, the first upgrade of the bill since 2005. The face value of seized counterfeit money on the mainland rose from 329 million yuan (HK$410.million) in 2012 to 532 million yuan last year.


The design of the new bank note will stay largely the same as the the 2005 series but have enhanced security features. While the portrait of Mao Zedong will remain, the new notes will include features to combat counterfeiting, which is rampant. The new bank note will be harder to counterfeit and easier for machines to read. New notes will feature additional serial numbers on the right-hand side to ensure they are still identifiable even if the serial number on the left has worn off. The mark of the year 2005 will be changed to 2015 instead at the back of the note.


The 100-yuan note is the largest denomination of the Chinese currency. The old version of the 100-yuan note will stay in circulation following the new edition.