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Sweden renews banknotes

The Central Bank of Sweden (Riksbank) announced the bank has launched the largest banknote changeover in the country's history. The first new banknotes will be issued in October, the bank announced on its website. The bank aims to prevent forgery by changing the banknotes with new designs that include new security measures.


The Central Bank of Sweden will also be initiating a major information campaign to increase people's awareness before releasing the new banknotes. The information campaign will include the launch of an app with a banknote game and support for the visually impaired, as well as exhibitions of the new banknotes at six different locations in Sweden associated with the personalities depicted on the banknotes.


At the end of July, the Central Bank of Sweden launched the free app, which teaches how to recognize a genuine banknote and provides information on the banknote and coin changeover in Swedish, English and 29 other languages. There is also a game that involves sorting banknotes according to which are new and the dates on which the old ones become invalid. The faster they are sorted, the more points are scored. The app also provides support for the visually impaired who can use it to scan a banknote and have the denomination read aloud by Riksbank Governor Stefan Ingves.


"One-quarter of Sweden's population is still unaware that Sweden will be getting new banknotes and coins. We will be using several different channels to reach as many people as possible. The app will make it possible to have information easily at hand and will provide assistance for the visually impaired. A banknote game in the app offers a different and fun way to learn important dates in the changeover," said Christina Wejshammar, head of the bank's Cash and Payment Systems Department.


There will be pictures of famous Swedish artists and writers on the banknotes and coins along with nature motifs. New two-krona coins will be launched and five-krona coins will be changed. Other coins will still show current King Carl XVI Gustaf.


Sweden decided to replace its bronze 2 and 5 krona coins with silver ones. Meanwhile, the 20 krona bill, which still circulates in the market and features the portrait of famous Swedish writer Selma Lagerlöf, will be replaced by a one that will carry the portrait of country's prominent children's book writer Astrid Lindgren. The previous motifs on the 50 krona bill will be replaced by a portrait of famous Swedish musician Evert Taube and the motifs on the 100 krona bill will be replaced by world-renowned Swedish-born film actress Greta Garbo. It was also announced that a portrait of famous Swedish director Ingmar Bergman will be featured on the 200 krona bill that will be issued for the first time. The look of the biggest Swedish bills of 500 and 1000 krona in circulation will completely change as well. The new 500 krona bills will feature a portrait of Swedish opera singer Birgit Nilsson, while a portrait of Swedish diplomat, author and former United Nations Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjöld will be printed on the new 1000 krona notes.