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Arjowiggins Security unveils the new Wink® thread

Launched in may at Vancouver at the Currency Conference 2015, the Wink® security thread offers a totally new dynamic optical effect. To protect their banknotes, many Central banks have adopted windowed security threads. To meet these requirements, Arjowiggins Security has developed the Wink® security thread with a totally new dynamic optical effect.


Simple, secure and long-lasting, security threads are totally or partially embedded in the banknote paper, making them very difficult to imitate. This in turn makes them an indispensable security feature for banknotes. The wink effect is istinctive, intuitive and visible at normal transaction distance with a slight tilt. Non-professional users can authenticate bank notes in two seconds under most lighting conditions.



The wink security thread consists of two parallel strips, each one carrying colour and/or text that can be entirely customizable. When the banknote is tilted, the information on one strip is revealed while the information on the other stripe is hidden by an eye-catching silver layer. This silver layer appears to jump from one side of the thread to the other, giving movement and dynamism to the thread.



The wink thread was a co development by Arjowiggins Security and JDSU Optical Security and Performance Products, global
specialists in optical coatings and anti-counterfeiting technologies. The techniques and highly controlled materials used, designed for banknotes, cannot be reproduced as the source of the supply materials is protected. The innovative Wink effect is made possible with a layer of highly engineered and mains unchanged as does the information underneath the flakes. Wink threads will last as long as the banknotes themselves. Wink is also resistant to physical and chemical attack.



Wink‘s elegant two-strip structure is eye-catching and blends harmoniously into any banknote design style. Each strip is customizable with a coloured background, text and UV fluorescence and comes with a wide choice of colours. In one obvious application of this design flexibility, banknote designers can match the colour of the strip to the colours of their national flag, for example. It adapts easily to paper, printing and sorting machines.


To find out more about Wink® thread, contact Arjowiggins Security at: banknote@arjowiggins.com