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Extremely Rare Banknotes In Singapore August Auction

On the 15th August the annual Singapore auction takes place during the long awaited World Stamp Exhibition. The sale contains a number of extremely exceptional numismatic items from South East Asia. In total there will be a 500 lot sale of banknotes, with some bonds and share certificates, coins and medals.


For the auction they have a varied selection of issued and specimen notes from all areas of South East Asia including some beautiful and original archival specimens, a colourful selection from the collection of Patrick Tan, a family of high denomination George VI and Elizabeth II Malaya, a very early Thai note and some superb New Zealand notes.


The stars of the banknote portion of the show are a group of six elusive Waterlow colour trials from the Hong Kong banks that are absolutely gorgeous in addition to being of the greatest rarity. These special notes come from a colour trial booklet that was found amidst the rubble and rescued by the vendor's grandfather during the commotion and chaos of a particularly intense night of bombing. The Waterlow archive is believed to have been completely destroyed during the Blitz, so these treasures show up only very infrequently.


During the auction the second edition of "Banknotes of British Malaya" catalogue by Frank Goon will be launched. Please, don’t miss this greatest numismatic sale!