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Guinea: new 20 000 Francs banknote

The Central Bank of the Republic of Guinea (BCRG) issued highest denomination banknote - 20 000 Francs (GUI37.1). The design of the new note emphasizes the modernity and openness of Guinea to the world which is symbolized by two pigeons taking flight.


On the front, the new note shows Guinean women in dedication to the central role they play in the economic life of Guinea. On the back, the hydroelectric dam Kaleta shows the desire of Guinea to become energy self-sufficient. The banknote will be covered with a protective layer on the front and back, making it more resistant and more durable. Also markings for the visually impaired will be added to the note.


Signatures: Karamokoba Camara (MINISTRE DES FINANCES), Lounceny Nabe (GOUERNEUR BANQUE CENTRALE). Date of release: May 11, 2015.