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Ukraine new design 100 hryvnia 2014

National Bank of Ukraine on December 29 presented banknote 100 hryvnia sample in 2014 with advanced protection.

According to the press service of the NBU, with the release of this bill will update the nominal number of national currency banknotes of the sample 2003-2007. The banknote will be put into circulation on March 9, 2015.  When developing the updated 100 hryvnia banknotes were implemented the most advanced international technologies used in the banknote paper and Factory Mint National Bank of Ukraine. On the bill contains two new advanced security features - "window" protective tape and optically variable element SPARK. Banknote 100 hryvnia 2014 sample is made mainly in the yellow-olive color. The size of the new bill is similar to the size of the banknotes of 100 hryvnia 2005 sample. In color and size, it clearly differs from other denominations of banknotes. In the central part of the front side of the banknote is placed portrait image of Taras Shevchenko and an excerpt from his works. In the central part of the reverse side of the banknote plotting Kyiv National Shevchenko University. In the lower part of the banknote specimen placed year of approval of the banknote. 

The serial number is printed twice - vertical room (with a variable height of digits) printed in black ink, horizontal room - painted red. In the thickness of the paper introduced polymer tape with a magnetic code, which when considering the bill against the light can be seen (in the normal and inverted reflection) transparent images: "100 UAH", trident and underlined digital denomination "100". Portion of the tape under the action of ultraviolet rays become yellow and blue glow.